In recent years, the prevalence of myopia, also known as nearsightedness, has been steadily increasing among children worldwide. When it comes to myopia, correcting your child’s eyesight today won’t protect them for tomorrow. Myopia can still worsen, potentially affecting their future vision. At Glasshouse Opticians we take the time your child needs to find the best solution to slow down myopia progression. Stellest™ lenses are Essilor’s best solution to fight your child’s myopia, and their strong efficacy has been clinically proven. Essilor research has shown a 67% myopia progression slowdown on average, compared to single vision lenses, when worn 12 hours a day. Tests have gone on to show that 100% of children fully adapt to Stellest™ lenses within a week.

Myopia not only affects a child’s ability to see clearly but also poses long-term risks to their eye health. Recognising the importance of addressing this growing concern, Essilor, a global leader in ophthalmic lenses, has introduced an innovative solution: Stellest lenses. Designed specifically for myopia management in children, Stellest lenses have helped to change the way we approach and address this vision condition.

Stellest lenses employ innovative technology that combines two key features: optical design and myopia control. The lenses are equipped with a unique, patented optical design that reduces the progression of myopia by simultaneously addressing peripheral defocus and controlling the axial elongation of the eye. By reshaping the incoming light, Stellest lenses help to reduce the strain on the eye and slow down the progression of myopia, providing children with clearer vision and potentially lowering their risk of future eye-related complications.

What sets Stellest lenses apart is their ability to provide myopia management benefits in a convenient and comfortable form. The lenses are designed to be worn during waking hours, meaning children can enjoy the benefits of myopia control throughout their daily activities. This ease of use is crucial in ensuring compliance and maximizing the effectiveness of the treatment. Stellest lenses offer a non-invasive, non-surgical solution that integrates seamlessly into a child’s daily routine.

Essilor’s commitment to scientific research and innovation is evident in the development of Stellest lenses. The technology behind these lenses is the result of extensive studies and clinical trials conducted by experts in the field of myopia control. The effectiveness of Stellest lenses in reducing the progression of myopia has been demonstrated in rigorous scientific studies, providing parents and eyecare professionals with confidence in their ability to make a positive impact on their children’s vision health.

In addition to their myopia management benefits, Stellest lenses prioritize visual quality. The lenses are engineered to provide clear, sharp vision, ensuring that children can see the world around them with enhanced clarity. By optimizing visual acuity, Stellest lenses enable children to get the most from academic and extracurricular activities, supporting their overall development and well-being.

The introduction of Stellest lenses represents a significant advancement in the field of myopia management. It empowers parents, eyecare professionals, and children themselves to proactively address the challenges posed by myopia and take control of their visual health. Early intervention and effective myopia control can potentially reduce the severity of myopia and mitigate associated risks in the long term.

Essilor’s Stellest lenses are a testament to their dedication to improving lives through vision care. By combining cutting-edge technology, scientific research, and a commitment to children’s eye health, Essilor has created a solution that goes beyond traditional corrective lenses. Stellest lenses provide hope for parents seeking effective myopia management options and offer children the opportunity to experience the world with clear vision and reduced risk of myopia progression. Essilor’s Stellest lenses have emerged as an important tool in myopia management for children. Make an appointment for your child today and our Glasshouse Opticians team will be delighted to help you find the best solution for your child’s needs.