Visioffice 3 revolutionising personalised eyecare

Because your eyes are unique, we believe your lenses should be too and that’s why we have invested in Visioffice 3, our state-of-the-art optical measuring device. Visioffice 3 has enabled us to revolutionise our patient experience here at Glasshouse Opticians. And opens up a completely new chapter in spectacle lens personalisation.

Taking up to 11 measurements that are in addition to your usual eye examination, Visioffice 3 looks at the anatomy of your eyes, the way you wear your frame, your posture and how you use your eyes when you read.


After the initial eye examination, one of our experienced team will help you to select your frame, providing the usual styling advice and to help you look great. They will then talk you through the non-invasive measurement process, the different types of lenses available and explain how we can personalise your lenses for your specific needs, taking into account your daily tasks and how you use your spectacles. Using these measurements, we can then create the perfect lenses for you – lenses that work around each of your eyes rather than your eyes having to work around your lenses.

Visioffice 3 has a digital display screen where we can show you comparisons – these animations help you immediately understand the benefits of the lenses, guiding you to make the right choice for you.

From the very moment your eyes are measured, we will personalise the whole process to ensure you get the best vision possible from the best quality lenses.

As your local Essilor Expert we cannot wait to welcome you in-store, here in Jetland, to try Visioffice for yourself.